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Gravity Gradiometry


Gravity Gradiometer technology measures minute differences in the earth’s density to yield information on geologic structures underground and undersea.  This information is used for a variety of applications, including natural resource exploration, navigation, and underground detection and can be deployed on marine ships and aircraft. 

For more than three decades, Lockheed Martin has provided the world’s only moving-based gravity gradiometer capabilities.  Gravity gradient data is effectively used to help identify host geologies that are indicative of hydrocarbons or mineral ore bodies.  Integration of gravity and other geophysical tools such as seismic, magnetic and electro-magnetics provides for a robust exploration data set. 


Mineral and hydrocarbon exploration

Aquifer detection

Geothermal Exploration

Underwater navigation and collision

Terrain estimation

Underground tunnel and void detection


For more than a decade, the Gravity Systems team has provided the
world’s only moving-base gravity gradiometer capabilities.