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LCS: Flexibility

LCS Flexibility The U.S. Navy Littoral Combat Ship is designed to replace and meet the survivability requirements of three retiring ship classes: FFG-7 Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates; Avenger class mine countermeasures vessels; MHC-51 Osprey class coastal mine hunters.

LCS brings the capabilities of frigates, patrol combatants and mine countermeasure ships into a single ship class.

The U.S. Navy is facing retirement of three important ship classes soon, and Lockheed Martin’s LCS is helping to fill that gap affordably with one flexible, technologically advanced ship suited for multiple missions.

The Freedom-class LCS has a steel, semi-planing monohull design that is based on a proven, survivable design recognized for its stability and reliability. The Freedom variant’s size and maneuverability allows ships to access more ports and locations than other ship designs, making it more versatile and accessible for the U.S. Navy fleet’s worldwide operations.

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