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Automated Launch of Expendables (ALEX)

The Automated Launch of Expendables (ALEX) package executes approved, predetermined decoy launch tactics via computer control to protect surface navy assets.

Combat Systems – COMBATSS-21

The ship’s battle management system, called COMBATSS-21, is produced by Lockheed Martin and derived from the U.S. Navy’s latest Aegis surface combatants.  The COMBATSS-21 Combat Management System is the backbone of the Freedom-variant self-defense suite and integrates the radar, electro-optical infrared cameras, gun fire control system, countermeasures and short-range anti-air missiles. COMBATSS-21 provides a flexible, reliable next generation defense system for the LCS.

Intelligent System Manager (ISM-X™)

Lockheed Martin’s ISM is a fully integrated system that manages the ship’s propulsion, electric plant, auxiliaries and engineering casualty/damage control systems. It employs open software architecture, distributed processing and an integrated development environment to reduce the labor and material costs of implementation, while improving overall system performance, reliability and flexibility.


Today’s machinery plants and auto­mation systems are becoming increas­ingly more sophisticated with complex assemblies, tighter tolerances and increased performance expectations in critical applications. Lockheed Martin’s Visionary™ addresses these maintenance issues with autonomous monitoring and near real-time data collection for operational systems and lifetime recording and playback of operational conditions and events. It also provides a simple and intuitive tool suite for visu­alization and analysis of operational events.

LaserNet Fines-Online (LNF-O)

LNF-O uses laser technology embedded into fluid systems to provide on-the-spot analysis of machinery health by detecting, counting, classifying and trending fluid contamination. LNF-O works in real time so crews can track and measure fluids from any laptop or remote monitoring station to determine how clean the fuel is and offers instant analysis in oil, water or gas. LNF-O can be used with all types of machinery and equipment. It is perfect for high-value or remote equipment, including inside turbine engines, marine propulsion thrusters, inaccessible equipment, large diesel engines and deck machinery.


The MH-60R is the U.S. Navy's new and most advanced multi-mission helicopter, designed for anti-submarine and surface warfare. Secondary missions include: search and rescue, anti-ship surveillance and targeting, communication relay and medevac/vertical replenishment. The all-new air vehicle from Sikorsky Aircraft, with fully-integrated avionics and mission systems by Lockheed Martin, is now operational and deployed.

Remote Minehunting System

The Remote Minehunting System will be the primary mine-warfare mission package component aboard the Littoral Combat Ship. The system’s critical component is an unmanned, autonomous, semi-submersible Remote Multi-Mission Vehicle (RMMV) that tows an advanced variable depth sensor designed to detect, classify, localize and identify moored and bottom mines. Launched and controlled remotely from forward deployed ships, the high endurance RMMV gives strike groups a line-of-sight and over-the-horizon mine reconnaissance capability.

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