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Emerging Capabilities


Sophisticated Detection Equipment

P-3s equipped with the latest electronic surveillance suites have changed the way battlefield operations are conducted.

The P-3 can be outfitted with a variety of sophisticated detection equipment to improve operations on all missions:

  • Infrared and long-range electro-optical cameras plus special imaging radar allow P-3s to monitor activity from a comfortable distance
  • Four powerful Allison T56-A-14 engines, and its ability to stay aloft for extremely long periods, support high-altitude reconnaissance and low-altitude pursuits
  • A large internal weapons carriage and ten external weapons hardpoints enable the P-3 to carry a variety of weapons


No Matter the Mission, the P-3 Performs

The P-3 is used for a variety of missions, including:

  • Submarine hunting
  • Over-land missions in peacekeeping and surveillance roles around the world
  • Targeting strike points on the ground and relaying real-time video surveillance to the battle group
  • Scouting ahead of ground convoys and warning of potential dangers
  • Protecting shipping lanes and detering pirates
  • Thwarting drug smuggling attempts
  • Preventing illegal immigration
  • Performing anti-terrorism missions