Perceptor Dual Sensor Gimbal

Perceptor Dual Sensor Gimbal

The Perceptor™ dual sensor gimbal provides high precision pointing accuracies in a small, lightweight package. Dual sensor gimbal features electro optical (EO) and infrared (IR) imagers onboard with an optional laser pointer (LP).



  • Pan: 360 degree continuous rotation
  • Tilt: -20 to 115 degrees
  • Rugged carbon fiber shell
  • Gyro stabilized (20 Hz bandwidth)
  • 10 MP EO camera
  • Weight:  210 grams
  • 640x480 Quark long-wave IR camera with 4X digital zoom
  • Configurable IR White-hot / Black hot modes
  • Optional 100mW laser pointer or illuminator (400 - 2000 nm)
  • Full suite of OnPoint OnBoard computer vision features
    • Image stabilization
    • Target position and velocity estimation
    • Image mosaicking
    • Moving/Stationary Target Tracking
  • 5X Electronic zoom on EO imager
  • Electronic pan-tilt stabilized inner stage on EO imager
  • Durable direct drive with no gear train to break
  • Pointing accuracy better than 65 micro radians
  • Plug 'n Play integration with Kestrel autopilot and Virtual Cockpit GCS including Click n' Fly operational mode
  • Water resistant
  • STANAG 4609 compliant digital video out
  • Ethernet command and control interface
  • Ethernet firmware updates
  • Built-in web server for configuration and diagnostic testing
  • Bias-free, track-centered rendering for motion free video
Proceptor Gimbal
Perceptor™ Gimbal: Small, Lightweight — 2.7” high, 3.3” diameter, ~210 grams, 10 MP ePTZ EO inner stage imager, 640 x 480 Quark IR, 100 mW laser illuminator.


  • High quality imaging on small UAS or UGVs
  • Target Tracking
  • Video Surveillance
  • Capture and store high-resolution imagery
  • Target geo-location
  • Target  prosecution (terminal guidance)
  • Net-centric UAV system
  • EO and/or IR Seeker