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Scalable Advanced Graphics Engine


The Scalable Advanced Graphics Engine (SAGE) is a hybrid gaming visual solution that provides richly detailed images and motion. SAGE models scenarios such as traffic on city streets or the effects of a mortar to provide a detailed training experience.

Realism comes from integrating gaming technologies including Havok™ physics, destruction, animation, artificial intelligence, cloth and script technologies. Dynamic terrain is based on the physical makeup and properties of the underlying soil.

The SAGE system:

  • Runs on commercially available off-the-shelf computer hardware
  • Provides the option for scalable configurations from a single desktop to distributed multi-channel, multi-machine configurations
  • Draws from SE Core DVED databases, models and custom-built databases
  • Includes a scenario generation tool for the quick addition of autonomous, reactive patterns of computer-generated avatars

Cost-Effective Graphics Engine

SAGE leverages commercial gaming technology as the foundation for image generation. It is an affordable way to reap the benefits of advances in the commercial market without incurring the cost of a unique development effort.