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Space Ground Solutions

Space Ground Solutions

For decades, our experts have developed affordable, user friendly and differentiated solutions by optimizing satellite constellations, processing data through its entire life cycle from capture to exploitation to secure delivery, developing reliable mission critical infrastructure for information dissemination across a global network.  

Lockheed Martin space ground solutions support some of the largest satellite programs including the Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) and the Global Positioning System (GPS) by providing operations, maintenance and sustainment. The ground segments have the capabilities to connect with stations, sensors and radars around the globe over secured communications channels.

Integrated Approach

While satellites serve as the major platform for gathering data, system users couple this with open source internet data and human intelligence to deliver key decision makers Multiple Intelligence (Multi-INT) fusion.

Using this holistic approach provides customers one common operating picture to make the soundest decision in an instant. Layering several dimensions of information and exploiting patterns, inconsistencies or threats is necessary to stay ahead of possible devastation.

Detecting severe weather such as tsunamis, hurricanes or tornadoes, in addition to predicting riots, protests and civil unrest are all scenarios capable of proactive identification by fusing intelligence together.

Customized, Flexible Solutions

Lockheed Martin ground systems are vastly complex, but also scalable to the specific need and mission. For instance, Lockheed Martin contributes to several assets throughout the world that have been tested and used for current missions, and exhibit the latest technologies. Utilizing these already in place resources promotes mission continuity and avoids a time gap.

Most importantly, teams of skilled experts are able to create custom made solutions specific to the mission. Through collaboration from experts who have worked their entire careers in the ground station industry to the young professionals fresh on the scene, Lockheed Martin teams are made by pulling together the most innovative mindsets able to tackle new projects.



Enhancing Situational Awareness

The importance of having timely, accurate space situational awareness is growing as the world becomes increasingly dependent on space-based capabilities.