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The Virtualized Information Sharing Nexus (VISN) is a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) web services framework that simplifies and automates the operations of Exploitation, Workflow, and Mission Management.  VISN provides services that streamlines information requests, information collection, requirements tracking, automated and prioritized workforce tasking, reporting, and information dissemination. 

Threat Assessment for Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (TAISR) provides all of the features present in VISN while adding specialized interfaces for systems and data that are unique to military and defense needs.

VISN & TAISR are designed for use by commercial entities, federal, state and local governments and military and police.

Concept of Operations:

A COTS services framework that simplifies and automates Exploitation Workflow and Mission Management. Information needs are captured via a configurable integrated Request For Information (RFI) service.   VISN/TAISR correlates new imagery or video to active information needs and automatically generates prioritized tasks as relevant data arrives. Additionally; collection requests can be generated as needed.

Industry standard COTS Tools perform the exploitation while integrated and automated reporting tools and templates assist with the reporting, workflow management, and dissemination.  Overall context and situational awareness is accomplished on a 2D/3D globe which organizes geospatial locations, collectors, imagery, video, products and other relevant content.

Automates and Simplifies:

- Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) Processing / Intel Operations Centers
- Evacuation and Civil Unrest Activities
- Wildfire Planning and Analysis
- Floodplain Analysis
- Cartographic Activities

Interfaces & Standards:
- Exploitation Interfaces: BAE Socet GXP, Overwatch RV Pro
- Visualization support for Cesium, Google Earth, NASA World Wind
- Catalog adaptors: Overwatch GeoCatalog & BAE GXP Explorer
- Supported on LINUX and Windows OS
- Secure Design: ICD 503 compliant
- Cloud compliant, Role Based Access Design
- Modern standards based design simplifies interfaces to existing content (RESTful, HTML5, STANAG, OGC, etc)

Integrated Tools:

- Automated Workforce Tasking across one or many physical locations
- Automated Collection Management
- Integrated Visualization Services
- Integrated System Metrics
- Web Services based solution
- Supports COTS Video and Imagery Tools


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