Advanced Technology Center

Building the Future through Innovation

Spanning decades of valued partnerships, civilian and defense aerospace customers turn to Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC) to address their complex scientific and technical problems. Committed to advancing the state-of-the-art through disciplined innovation, we serve the needs of our business partners by providing discriminating, technical solutions that enable successful missions and new architectures, while expanding the realm of invention into game-changing capabilities.

The future in aerospace innovation demands the ability to effectively adapt solid, scientifically-founded solutions to a business framework and connect technology to mission needs. This requires flexibility to develop technology not only for improved performance and new concepts, but also for reduced risk, reduced cost, and for shortened development time.

The ATC takes an integrated, systems-level approach to the challenges presented by 21st century civilian and defense aerospace missions. Looking at rigorous requirements from multiple perspectives, we produce robust, real solutions that pave the way for pioneering technical achievements and deliver value to you — our customers.

The ATC team is committed to serving you through the synergy of partnership that enables us to stand with you during your most critical hour and for the long haul.  Our customer's success is integral to our own.