Missiles and Fire Control

Procurement Contacts

  • Lisa Baumann (972) 603-0605 - Procurement Information

Quality Assurance

The "I AM QUALITY" campaign is a multimedia campaign that promotes employee ownership and quality excellence while also empowering employees at all levels and functions to own the quality of their work. It reminds all employees that quality is not the sole responsibility of the Quality organization. It takes teamwork from every organization and every employee to build a quality product.

Tenets for Global Supply Chain Success

Lockheed Martin wants to help you, our supplier, start your own “I AM QUALITY” campaign. We’re confident you will see the same positive results that we have experienced.

To help you get started, we have put together a simple package containing all of the necessary materials. Feel free to use these materials or create your own.

Materials include:

Transportation Contacts

Bert Morgan (570) 803-2415 - Archbald, PA
Ric Kuehn (407) 356-2351 - Orlando, FL