Building Awareness


As a valued supplier, you play an important role in protecting our information and networks from cyber threats. No one is immune to these attacks, and while we actively work to strengthen our cybersecurity defenses from these ever evolving threats, your cooperation and diligence are needed to ensure we appropriately manage risk throughout our supply chain. As your cybersecurity capabilities mature, you will be better positioned to secure sensitive information and may gain a competitive advantage. Being knowledgeable of potential threats and understanding how to manage those threats is of paramount importance. There are a number of resources to help you develop and improve your cybersecurity risk management program including online or in person training, conferences, podcasts, blogs, local & virtual user group meetings, videos, newsletters, email announcements, and wikis. There are also several government and industry organizations that provide information and guidance on cybersecurity threats, controls, and risk management techniques. While Lockheed Martin does not endorse any specific organization or set of controls, below are a few that may help.