Employee Discount Program

Join the Lockheed Martin Employee Discount Program

To promote veteran-owned businesses, Lockheed Martin has expanded its Employee Discount program to include a section dedicated to discounts from veteran businesses. Lockheed Martin’s Employee Discount Program is an internal site available to more than 120,000 Lockheed Martin employees and retirees, and offers a variety of corporate discounts for products and services ranging from appliances and apparel to software and travel.

The program is free to firms offering discounts. Participants can choose to offer discounts through a variety of options, including internet code, coupon or flyer. The requirements are that the discounts should be at the national level, versus local, since the Lockheed Martin’s workforce spans more than 400 U.S. sites, and international locations. Businesses should also not be home-based direct sellers or owned or operated by a Lockheed Martin employee or mortgage lender firms.

How to Participate in the Employee Discount Program

Please provide the following information:

1.Business name and address:

2.Veteran business: Yes or No

3.Does your business offer national level discounts (i.e., purchase product or service via a website)? Yes or No

4.DUNS number:

5.Type of business:

6.Brief description of the offering and pertinent information:

7.Is the discount available for International employees? Yes or No

8.Contact name, phone number, e-mail address:

9.Website URL

10.Send your completed information to: ee.programs.fc-hr@lmco.com.

Disclaimer Notice: Lockheed Martin Corporation disclaims all liability for damage or injury resulting from acts of omissions, fraud, or misrepresentation of these suppliers. All advertisements are expected to comply with the "Truth in Advertising Law" and other pertinent regulations within the continental United States.