Who's Knocking

When we say ‘Who’s Knocking’ we mean the diverse suppliers who come to Lockheed Martin with a competitive edge and desire to deliver high quality, innovative products and services to our customers.  We seek diverse suppliers that collaborate with us to bring top value customer solutions and global security benefits. Our supplier diversity resources provide many small business the maximum exposure to subcontracting opportunities based on customer requirements, and solid performance is key. Our supplier network contributes to small business economic growth and job opportunities.

General Tool Company An aerial view of General Tool Company’s facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. The facility is ideal for the large size of the components required from Lockheed Martin.

GTC Applies Innovative Manufacturing Methods to Address Complex Demands

As a supplier to Lockheed Martin for nearly 25 years, General Tool Company (GTC), a small business operated out of Cincinnati, Ohio, has a track record for continuously providing “outside of the box” solutions to address highly technical challenges. The company offers complete fabrication, machining, assembly and functional integration capabilities and has supported many Lockheed Martin programs, including most recently, the Space Shuttle, Aegis Ashore and Tidal Turbine Energy programs.

According to Paul Randall, business development manager for GTC Engineering Power Systems Division, the company has sustained a long-term relationship with Lockheed Martin by “providing solutions on issues in the area of design and build using innovative manufacturing methods related to quality, price and delivery.”

An example of where GTC provided innovative solutions was on the Yaw Drive Assembly program. GTC provided the critical YAW drive subsystem component parts necessary for the development of a first-in-class Tidal Turbine. GTC faced a tight schedule, an incomplete design and complex machining challenges on large parts. However, the company was able to overcome these challenges by coming up with creative solutions to successfully ship the required parts on time.

“We offered alternative materials in order to reduce lead time on raw materials, changed sizes and shapes of raw materials in order to reduce machining times and applied assembly techniques to reduce assembly/integration time,” says Randall. Because of the company’s dedicated efforts and perseverance to find solutions, it was recently recognized with a 2016 Small Business Award from Lockheed Martin Energy.

“GTC supported our costs, quality and schedule challenges. Their commitment to Lockheed Martin Energy has resulted in superior performance throughout the period of building a first in class unit,” says Mark Michaels, Lockheed Martin Ocean Energy Subcontract Program manager. “Their winning attitude is exemplified throughout the company. In addition to the excellent production support, the General Tool engineering team consistently supports Lockheed Martin’s engineering team with recommendations for new design modifications in an effort to increase productivity and affordability.”

 “For a small company, GTC has a great breadth of experience across a wide spectrum of manufacturing challenges,” says Randall. “We are always looking for ways to solve new problems and to provide broader solutions than just being a parts provider. Much of this comes from our company’s culture and values that create an open collaborative company that is ‘ETDBW’ -- easy to do business with.”

To learn more about GTC, visit the company’s website at: www.gentool.com.