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Sikorsky President Dan Schultz presents CHC Helicopter with the Superior Maintenance Award

Sikorsky President Dan Schultz presents CHC Helicopter with the Superior Maintenance Award on Sept. 19, 2016, in Aberdeen, Scotland, for excellence in S-92 helicopter maintenance.

Sikorsky Aircraft, a Lockheed Martin Company, has a long legacy of aviation excellence and is a reflection of the intense pride employees have in the aircraft that they build. We recognize that our primary purpose is enabling our customers to perform their jobs safely and efficiently. 

Please note than an approving officer/manager’s name, rank/title and valid e-mail contact is needed for the award application. For the Superior Maintenance Award, the officer/manager must apply for the award to confirm the award candidate’s excellent product knowledge and a high level of technical expertise in the repair and maintenance of Sikorsky Aircraft products for a period of over four years.

To date, our commercial and military customers have flown millions of hours around the world while achieving significant levels of operational readiness and mission success. The Sikorsky Customer Awards Program is specially designed to acknowledge the achievements of those who operate and maintain Sikorsky products. Each year, it is our pleasure to give awards that acknowledge the accomplishments of individuals, companies and military units who demonstrated or sustained superior performance.

customer award types


Initiated in 1950, the Winged-S Rescue Award carries the spirit
and vision of aviation pioneer Igor Sikorsky, and honors individuals who directly perform a lifesaving rescue flying a Sikorsky

To date, more than two million
lives around the globe have been saved by extraordinarily
courageous men and women who put themselves at risk to save others from mishaps, natural disasters or the threat of enemy action.


The Superior Maintenance
Award acknowledges superior performance in maintaining and supporting Sikorsky helicopters.

The award is given to individual maintainers or units who demonstrate superior aircraft knowledge, work ethic, and
actual maintenance which
directly contributed to the
military unit or organization’s operational readiness.

Flight Hour

The Flight Hour Award
recognizes pilots and aircrew who achieved more than 1,000 flight hours in any Sikorsky aircraft.

Awards are given for attainment
of 1,000 hours, 2,000 hours,
3,000 hours, 4,000 hours and
5,000 hours up to 25,000 hours
(in 5,000 hour increments).


The Combat Flight Hour Award acknowledges pilots and aircrew members flying Sikorsky helicopters in U.S. combat operations.

Awards are given to attainment
of 500 hours, 1,000 hours, 1,500 hours, 2,000 hours and 2,500 hours.


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