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Whether it's a family in flight to their first vacation in years, the business executive in flight to a convention, or a cargo ship negotiating Egypt's Suez Canal, advanced systems and technology from Lockheed Martin are at work to assure their safe passage. And safe arrival.

Lockheed Martin serves governments to provide transportation management solutions for air, marine and land traffic in the United States, Europe and Asia. The goal: To assure the safe and efficient transport of people and commerce at an economically competitive cost.

The experience, capabilities and resources of Lockheed Martin compete aggressively in a transportation market that values original thinkers. And hard work. From "clean sheets of paper" we shape creative solutions that advance our customer's mission and add exceptional value to their enterprise.

As a lead systems integrator, Lockheed Martin is recognized worldwide for adding to the safety and security of today's transportation systems. More than 60 percent of the world’s air traffic and 80 percent of the world’s managed oceanic airspace are guided by Lockheed Martin systems. Our innovations also include the adaptation of submarine technology for positive train control, and the application of advanced sensor technology to navigate vessels through tricky waterways.

Wherever the skies are busiest, where leadership is needed for maritime safety, and where technology and innovation can improve service to customers, you'll find Lockheed Martin.