Remote Operation
and Control


Even the most sophisticated robotic system can be rendered useless without an intuitive, integrated control system. Anyone who has controlled a vehicle remotely understands that unmanned systems are only as useful as their control systems are robust.

Our rich history in operating and controlling a variety of unmanned and robotic systems gives us a unique perspective on developing Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4) solutions for unmanned systems. With more than 350 vehicle-mounted and portable control systems in the field today, our team is the leading integrator for these operation and control systems across the nation.

In mission scenarios where seconds count, our systems link multiple platforms, sensors and information collected to increase the speed of decision making. We have demonstrated how multiple unmanned aerial systems can be controlled, tasked and re-tasked as part of an integrated C4 and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capability.

We are working to leverage our experience in C4 to develop common control system architectures that will maximize operational efficiency and reduce costs to provide the greatest value for our customers.


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