Threat Avoidance


Taking humans out of dangerous environments is a driving force behind robotic development. Whether it’s getting vulnerable convoys off the road, providing disaster response or collecting valuable intelligence, robotic systems can help humans stay out of harm’s way.  

Our unmanned aerial systems serve as eyes in the sky for the warfighter. Whether soldiers need immediate on-demand information or persistent surveillance, our systems are able to rapidly collect and share data. From watching over vast expanses to cluttered urban streets, our family of systems provides critical, actionable information that allows warfighters and first responders to make the right decision.

Combining a vertical lift platform with our  autonomous technology allows for the delivery of supplies to precise locations day or night without risking lives in the process.


K-MAX® Unmanned Aerial Truck

Watch how K-MAX takes soldiers out of harm’s way

Stalker UAS

Stalker is an operationally proven small, silent, Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) that provides unprecedented long-endurance imaging capability throughout an array of environments.