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Demand Response


We help utilities control demand-side load as a resource, improve reliability and create new economic opportunities.


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We apply our command and control technology to electric distribution management and demand response management for some of the largest utilities in the nation.

Our tools let distribution operators and energy managers view, measure and control energy supply, demand and usage – with built-in analytics that integrate with existing systems, help capture cost savings, and enable proactive interventions to best deliver and use energy resources on an enterprise-wide scale.


Turn Your Data into Savings


Using our Smart Energy Enterprise Suite (SEEsuite), utilities can manage and reduce electric load during times of peak usage and maintain grid stability as a means of deferring costly infrastructure upgrades.

SEEload is our advanced load management system that not only handles traditional demand response but also enables you to control demand side load as a resource, improve system reliability and create new economic opportunities. +Learn More  

SEEview monitors, on a real-time basis, electricity, gas and water use in a single building or across multiple facilities simultaneously, so you not only can view consumption but also manage and control it. +Learn More


VirtuGrid enables data (voltage, power, energy readings, GPS location, phase and circuit connectivity) to be sent from the remote location to the substation over the same path as the power, enabling remote awareness of the grid and enhancing its value. VirtuGrid facilitates control and timing of remote communications with multiple types of standard down line communication networks with very low bandwidth usage. +Learn More  


Proven Performance


We provide energy management solutions to 8 of the largest 10 utilities in the U.S.

We’re proud to work with more than 70 major utilities, commercial enterprises, and federal and state agencies worldwide.

In 2015, our programs saved electric and gas utility customers more than 1.5 billion kilowatt-hours of energy - that’s enough energy to power nearly 150,000 homes for a year.



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