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Code Quest 2018 will be held on April 21st, 2018

Each year, Lockheed Martin hosts Code Quest, an annual computer programming competition where teams of two to three 2-3 high school students each work together for 2.5 hours to solve problems by using JAVA, Python and/or programming to complete the “quest.” The problem set consists of 15-20 challenging problems created by Lockheed Martin engineers and computer programmers.

U.S. Code Quest
2017 Winners Announced

Advanced Category

First Place


Second Place


Third Place


Novice Category

First Place


Second Place


Third Place


Scoring: To select our national champions, teams at each Code Quest site are scored just like a division would be treated in sports. First, second, and third place teams are recognized at each Code Quest site.  The first place teams from each site make up the national division, and the same scoring rules are used to determine first, second, and third place national winners. 

Code Quest Events

April 21, 2018
Denver, CO
Dallas, TX (new location)
Fort Worth, TX
Greenville, SC (new location)
Huntsville, AL (new location)
Johnstown, PA (new location)
King of Prussia, PA
Marietta, GA
Moorestown, NJ
Orlando, FL
Ottawa, Canada (new location)
Owego, NY
Palmdale, CA
Stratford, CT
Suffolk, VA (new location)
Sunnyvale, CA
Washington D.C. Metro

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  • Participate in ongoing challenges created by Lockheed Martin engineers and technology experts.

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The 2018 Code Quest theme is Generation Beyond

Four Careers