Lockheed Martin Employee Disaster Relief Fund

With offices located around the nation and the globe, it is inevitable that Lockheed Martin employees will be affected by natural or terroristic disasters of a catastrophic nature.

Lockheed Martin has a standing relief fund to assist employees based on an objective needs assessment in federally declared disaster areas or in the case of certain other disasters. The Lockheed Martin Employee Disaster Relief Fund (LMEDRF) was established in 2006. Since then, employees have contributed nearly $10 million to the LMEDRF to build up its resources in preparation for disasters. As a result of this generosity by Lockheed Martin employees, there is no longer an ongoing need for new contributions.  If the fund balance drops below a sufficient level to support the needs of our employees impacted by disaster, the LMEDRF will begin accepting new donations by employees.

Employees can learn more or apply for assistance through the Community Involvement section of LMPeople.

How the Fund works:
The LMEDRF is activated in response to disasters that fall under specific criteria. It is intended to be used for short-term, emergency assistance in the face of disaster.

The process is initiated when Lockheed Martin employees are impacted by a disaster that,

  • The U.S. President declares a major disaster,
  • Results from a terroristic or military action,
  • Results from an accident involving a common carrier, or
  • From any other event which is determined by the U.S. IRS/Treasury Department to be of a catastrophic nature.