Energy and Environmental Stewardship


Community Environmental Stewardship Projects


Employees are involved in community projects to conserve and protect the natural environment, including the restoration of habitats.  Employees at our Palmdale, Calif., site support community environmental outreach organizations, including the Santa Clarita Environmental Education Consortium and the College of the Canyons Sustainability Center.





Lockheed Martin Lufkin, Texas, Operations employees supported hazardous waste collection in their community where community members deposited 87,580 pounds of household hazardous waste, electronics waste, and latex paint.  All waste was disposed or recycled by qualified vendors, as directed by Lufkin Operations employees.

In 2013:

  • 60,000 pounds of hazardous materials were collected for recycling and/or proper disposal. 
  • 24,580 pounds of electronic waste and 3,000 pounds of latex paint were also collected and recycled.  

Right, Lockheed Martin employees volunteering at the Lufkin, Texas, household hazardous waste event, which was a collaboration among Lockheed Martin Lufkin Operations, The City of Lufkin Regional Recycling Center and Angelina Beautiful/Clean.  


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We set our environmental stewardship program and reduction goals to align with government, industry and society expectations. Many of our clients are required to meet the goals established in U.S. Executive Order 13423 and Executive Order 13514.  Learn more.

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