We Strictly Adhere to All Antitrust Laws

We Set the Standard

  • Avoid engaging in or discussing any activities that may violate antitrust laws, or others that even have the appearance of antitrust, with competitors, suppliers or customers.
  • Antitrust laws apply to our work activities and violations can result in civil and sometimes criminal penalties.
  • If any such activities are proposed, discussed or implemented, contact the Legal Department or Ethics Office.

Why We Do It

  • We value open and fair competition.
  • We do not knowingly enter into business arrangements that eliminate or discourage competition or that give us an improper competitive advantage.

Actions that may violate antitrust laws include:

  • Price fixing
  • Boycotting suppliers or customers
  • Pricing intended to run a competitor out of business
  • Disparaging, misrepresenting or harassing a competitor
  • Teaming with companies in ways that create less competitive outcomes for customers, including trying to block competitors and prevent market entry
  • Bribery, kickbacks or stealing trade secrets
  • Entering into agreements or understandings with competitors to divide the market in which they compete by allocating bids, contracts, territories or markets and/or restricting the production or sale of products or product lines
  • Conditioning the sale of one product/service on the sale of another unwanted product/service
  • Conditioning the sale or purchase of products/services on the requirement that the seller or purchaser not do business with competitors of the Corporation

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