We Participate in Training

We Set the Standard

  • Our training is designed to help employees learn to execute our values through examples based on real situations in our work environment.
  • Ethics Awareness Training is required annually of all employees, consultants and the Board of Directors.
  • Business Conduct Compliance Training educates employees about the specific compliance requirements and the target audience for each course is often role-specific.
  • Audits are conducted for effective execution, and you are required to take your training by the specified due dates.

Why We Do It

  • Training prepares us to recognize and react to situations requiring ethical decision making.
  • Ethics Awareness Training allows us to talk about how ethics is part of the work we do.
  • The courses improve our understanding of topics in this Code and teach us how to apply the training in practice.
  • Training addresses the consequences of compliance violations for both Lockheed Martin and individual employees.
  • Our courses help ensure that ethics is an integrated part of our business.

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