A Message from our Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Dear Colleague:

At Lockheed Martin, we are committed to our core values. We Do What’s Right, Respect Others and Perform with Excellence. We never allow our ethics or integrity to be compromised by our desire to succeed, regardless of the circumstances of our business.

As we continue to expand our reach in the global marketplace, strengthen our position as a leading technology innovator, and find new solutions to our customers’ complex challenges, we must hold firm to our high standards for ethical conduct. Our values and ethics are fundamental to who we are and what we do. They not only define us, they distinguish us.

When we demonstrate integrity in all of our dealings, we build bonds of trust, which lead to stronger, more enduring relationships. It’s these trusted relationships that create the opportunity for new and repeat business, and that’s what will secure our future.

We hold every Lockheed Martin employee accountable for upholding our ethical standards. Those standards go well beyond compliance with laws, rules and regulations that govern our business. They require each of us to abide by our values in every decision we make and every action we take.

Setting the Standard is our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. It explains how we must conduct ourselves when representing or acting on behalf of our company. It details the high expectations we set for employee behavior, from our commitment to good citizenship to our zero-tolerance policy on corruption. And, it serves as the most basic building block for future success.

In addition to relying on our Code, I encourage you to consult other valuable resources, including your manager, Ethics officer and Human Resources business partner, whenever an ethics-related issue or question arises. They can provide additional guidance and insight when you need it.

Thank you for embracing and implementing our core values, and for committing to the high standards for ethics and integrity that define who we are at Lockheed Martin.

Marillyn A. Hewson

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