Ethics Resources for Suppliers

Supplier Code of Conduct


At Lockheed Martin, we stand firmly behind the three core values that shape and guide us in our daily operations and relationships: Do What’s Right, Respect Others, and Perform With Excellence. These simple yet essential values ensure that we conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity, delivering high-quality products while following all applicable laws, regulations and standards of business conduct. It’s what our customers and shareholders expect. We are committed to meet those expectations and trust that all of our suppliers and partners worldwide will share in our efforts to uphold these principles.


Our Supplier Code of Conduct, referenced in the ethics clause of all new purchase orders, expresses the expectations we hold for our suppliers, and mirrors the standards we set for our own employees, Board of Directors, and other business associates.

Our annual letter to suppliers regarding gifts and business courtesies can be found here.


Lockheed Martin Ethics Supplier Mentoring Program


An effective ethics and compliance program can help your company comply with laws and regulations, protect your reputation, and distinguish your company in the increasingly competitive global marketplace. We are currently accepting applicants into the Lockheed Martin Supplier Mentoring Program, a completely free and voluntary service that helps companies of all sizes and profiles build effective ethics programs.


Through the Lockheed Martin Ethics Supplier Mentoring Program, one of our trained Ethics Officers will work with you one-on-one to create or enhance your ethics program, building on the elements of an effective ethics program described in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO), and the industry best practices outlined by the Defense Industry Initiative on Business Ethics & Conduct (DII). The typical program cycle runs from January to June or from July to December, with the pace and level of effort determined by your company’s needs.


The program is customized to fit every participant’s interests, but as a supplier mentee, you can expect an objective review of your ethics program, discussions of Lockheed Martin and industry best practices, access to select Lockheed Martin internal resources, recognition as a program participant on our website, and expansion of your relationship with Lockheed Martin. Past participants have revised and translated their Code of Conduct, developed ethics materials for new hires, and established formal reporting mechanisms, among many other improvements to their ethics programs.


Our assessment of your ethics and compliance program will not be shared with other areas of our company or with external organizations. No contract changes will occur as a result of participation, and no company that declines to participate will be penalized.


To learn more or to apply, email or call 800-LM-ETHIC.


Supplier Self-Assessment

Even if your company does not participate in the one-on-one Ethics Supplier Mentoring Program, you can utilize our Supplier Self-Assessment Spreadsheet, which is used in the formal program, to evaluate your existing ethics program.


Past Participants in Ethics Supplier Mentoring Program 




Major Tool and Machine (Indianapolis, IN) | Marathon TS, Inc. (Sterling, VA) |SearchPros Staffing (Citrus Heights, CA) | Stanley Engineering Co., Inc. (Glen Burnie, MD)




C. A. Foy Machine Company (Kings Mountain, NC) | Caribou Thunder, LLC (Hayward, WI) | Craig Technologies (Cape Canaveral, FL) | Heart of Georgia Metal Crafters (Eastman, GA) | Orbital Sciences Corporation (Dulles, VA) | Research Electro-Optics, Inc. (Boulder, CO) | Swanson Rink (Denver, CO) | Trex Enterprises Corporation (San Diego, CA) | Van-guard Space Technologies, Inc. (San Diego, CA) | Veterans Trading Company, LLC (Salt Lake City, UT)




CICON Engineering, Inc. (Van Nuys, CA) | Co-Operative Industries Aerospace & Defense, LLC (Fort Worth, TX) | Intelli-gence Analysis, Inc. (Alexandria, VA) | Mission Solutions Engineering, LLC (Moorestown, NJ) | Precision Metal Industries (Pompano Beach, FL) | R&D Electronics, Inc. (Brownsboro, AL) | Sey Tec (North Richland Hills, TX)




Aerojet (Sacramento, CA) | AllStaff Technical Solutions, Inc. (Atlanta GA) | Marvin Engineering (Inglewood, CA) | Tele-phonics Corporation (Farmingdale, NY) | Torotel Products, Inc. (Olathe, KS)