For more than 50 years, Lockheed Martin has been a strategic partner of the Bundeswehr and the German aerospace and defense industry. An advocate for the development of an integrated transatlantic defense market, Lockheed Martin works with in-country industrial partners to support a range of German global security needs. 

From a partnership with ThyssenKrupp Maritime Systems and STN ATLAS Elektronik to upgrade German frigates to a cooperation with Airbus Defence & Space to produce radar for the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), to a joint venture with Airbus Defence & Space to produce the COBRA radar in Germany, Lockheed Martin remains committed to its international partners.

Other major programs include:

Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS): Together with MBDA Germany, Lockheed Martin stands ready to jointly deliver the air and missile defense (AMD) capability needed for Germany’s future TLVS program (Taktisches Luftverteidigungssystem). Thanks to it open architecture, MEADS allows Germany to take on the lead role of NATO framework nation on ground based air and missile defense. As the world’s most modern and flexible AMD system MEADS is uniquely qualified to replace the aging Patriot system.

BEONTRA: Acquired in 2014, Karlsruhe-based BEONTRA delivers integrated corporate planning solutions for airports. Over the past 12 years, BEONTRA has developed a software suite (BEONTRA Scenario Planning) to forecast traffic scenarios, capacity and cost scenarios as well as estimate aviation and non-aviation related revenues. This enables airport operators to plan for the future, optimize processes and support operational and strategic business decisions. For passengers, this means smoother and better service, shorter waits and an overall more enjoyable travel experience. Learn more about Beontra’s innovative portfolio.

P-3 Orion: Since purchasing eight P-3s from the Netherlands, Germany has used the aircraft for a variety of missions including maritime patrol, reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare.

Patriot Advanced Capability (PAC-3): Germany selected the PAC-3 Missile as the primary interceptor for the multi-national Medium Extended Air Defense System.

FPS-117: Lockheed Martin supplies collision avoidance systems, such as the FPS-117 three-dimensional air search radar, to German air traffic authorities.

Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS): This program is a NATO cooperative to provide standardized weapons for Germany and other allies.

Bioenergy Power Plant in Herten, Germany: Lockheed Martin and Concord Blue are creating a new power generation facility in Herten, Germany, that will transform waste into energy.  In 2014, the two companies announced plans to build the facility and have since successfully completed all planning, simulation, supplier logistics and preliminary design, clearing the way for the build to begin.  The bioenergy facility transforms forestry waste to power using Concord Blue’s Reformer® technology, which converts waste to energy through a process called advanced gasification.  The facility’s 5 megawatts of energy output is enough to power about 5,000 homes and businesses. To create its power, the plant will process 50,000 tons of raw waste per year, significantly reducing the need for landfill use.  Learn more about Lockheed Martin Energy’s portfolio of energy solutions here.



German Weather Service (DWD) recently installed Lockheed Martin WindTracer® Doppler lidar systems at the Frankfurt and Munich airports to provide concise information on wind shear which can adversely affect aircraft on the approach or take-off path.