Business Integrity

To advance standards and controls for ethical business conduct that strengthen customer relationships, supplier partnerships and workplace integrity.

We apply proven methodologies and innovative training techniques to cultivate ethical thinking among all employees and develop resources and tools to advance integrity across our industry.


Conducting business with utmost integrity engenders trust and fosters a resilient value chain and a high-performing, transparent work environment. This not only attracts more customers and helps us retain the best talent, it reduces risk and ensures the safety of societies and citizens won’t be subverted by corruption.

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Integrity is a cornerstone of our business strategy. Poor ethical judgment by government contractors presents risks to future business opportunities and jeopardizes our customer’s ability to protect their citizens. Our high standards for integrity define how we do business and make us a partner of choice for the most sensitive and critical customer missions.

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Anti-bribery and corruption controls 

Efforts to prevent bribery and corruption among employees, suppliers and contractors.

Supplier conduct

Supporting our suppliers to strengthen management and disclosure on ethical, labor, human rights and environmental issues.

Conflict minerals

Efforts to monitor and manage conflict mineral use, as defined in section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act, in our product manufacturing and supply chain.

Ethical governance and leadership

Efforts to maintain consistent, transparent and high ethical standards and practices across our business.


Human and labor rights

Efforts to prevent abusive labor practices and violations of civil liberties in business operations and supply chain in a manner consistent with internationally recognized standards.

Responsible sales

Efforts to ensure sales are conducted ethically and fairly, with careful consideration for export controls and trade policies, products’ intended use and impact on civilian needs.

Supplier diversity

Efforts to enhance procurement opportunities for small business suppliers by supporting their organizational development and competitiveness.