Information Security

To minimize the likelihood and impact of adverse cyber security incidents to protect data and expand access to cyber security technology within our business operation and for our customers’ missions.

We rely on security thought leaders, talented cyber analysts, cutting-edge technology, employee vigilance and innovative processes to defend against advanced cyber security threats across our value chain.


Securing operations and infrastructure for ourselves, our customers and our supply chain strengthens the stability and resilience of the hyper-connected society we aim to protect.

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The world is increasingly connected through, and reliant on, digital infrastructure to support business, enhance production and drive innovation. Global information system security is critical to smoothly functioning, stable societies and affects governments, militaries, energy grids, communications systems and health records. Lockheed Martin systems and products safeguard crucial information for customers.

Our IT infrastructure is routinely threatened by hacktivists, cyber criminals, insider threats and advanced persistent threats. Our ability to protect employee personal information is integral to mission success and trust. With thousands of our scientists and engineers developing patented solutions, the health of our business depends on protecting intellectual property (IP) and sensitive data.

Our latest assessment of sustainability issues identified three prioritized factors for which we set goals: customer information system and network security, employee privacy and data protection, and protection of proprietary data and intellectual property.


core issue factors

Customer information systems and network security

Efforts to ensure our products and processes capture, store and transfer data securely to protect the privacy and security of customer information and prevent the likelihood of data fraud, loss, sabotage and theft.

Employee privacy and data protection

Efforts to protect the privacy and integrity of employee data to prevent the likelihood of data fraud, loss, sabotage and theft.

Sensitive data and intellectual property (IP) protection

Efforts to ensure the protection of company and supplier proprietary information to prevent the likelihood of data fraud, loss, sabotage and theft.