Product Impact

To deliver optimal lifecycle value by engineering innovative solutions for resilient energy, global security, telecommunications and other critical infrastructure

As a systems integrator, we continually improve the efficiency and functionality of our products and services—designing, implementing and bringing together technologies and software for our customers.


Our focus on performance and sustainability delivers safe, reliable, affordable products that support our customers’ missions of national security, citizen services and sustainable development.



Our 50,000 scientists, engineers and IT professionals develop a broad portfolio of products and solutions for national defense, cyber security, logistics and energy.

This portfolio supports global advanced infrastructure for national security and citizen services to strengthen critical systems at scale. Customers measure our value through product quality, cost and reliability.

We build safety, resource efficiency and other dimensions of sustainability into each phase of the product lifecycle, from design to delivery.

By recognizing the nexus between customer needs and sustainability, we can design solutions that deliver greater value to our customers and society in terms of product impact and total cost of ownership.


core issue factors

Product safety

Advancing rigorous safety and quality controls throughout design and manufacturing processes to ensure the use of our products and services does not pose uncontrolled or unacceptable risks to customers, employees, suppliers or the general public.

Counterfeit parts

Efforts to prevent counterfeit parts from entering the company’s supply chain and potentially affecting product quality, safety and performance.

Product eco-innovation

Accounting for material efficiency, re-usability and use-phase emissions and energy consumption throughout product design, development and maintenance.

Total cost of ownership

Making our products more affordable by improving product quality, efficiency and performance, making them more resilient and providing services to extend their useful lives.

Global infrastructure needs

Bringing innovative products to market to help scale the advanced infrastructure required for sustainable development, future climate resiliency and national security efforts, and delivery of reliable and secure energy, communications, logistics and systems that protect human health.


Three of our Sustainability Management Plans goals have potential to reduce carbon emissions in our products for our customers. Thus focusing our efforts on the area of greatest impact.

Through internal consultation, we identified opportunities in our value chain where we can create transformative change in carbon emissions from sourcing through use of our products.

Portfolio Impact by Life Cycle Stage: Greenhouse Gas Emissions