As a global technology leader, Lockheed Martin engineers the science that supports the world’s most advanced infrastructure from space-based communications to efficient energy access to government stability. As a responsible global citizen, we develop our products and services in ways that protect the environment, strengthen communities and propel responsible growth.

Sustainability illustrates how Lockheed Martin pursues innovation with purpose. It makes good business sense by reducing risks and cultivating responsible growth. Sustainability at Lockheed Martin is also about making profitable business decisions that factor in impacts on people and the planet. 

We use our innovative technology to help us fulfill our sustainability mission: to protect the environment, strengthen communities and propel responsible growth. Our products protect and create the world’s critical infrastructure, advance global security and stability and enable more resilient societies. We highlight examples of sustainability at Lockheed Martin in our annual Sustainability Report. 

We seek to improve business practices to best serve customers, employees and other stakeholders across five core issues: 

Business Integrity

Integrity is a cornerstone of our business strategy. Poor ethical judgment by government contractors presents risks to future business opportunities and jeopardizes our customer’s ability to protect their citizens. Our high standards for integrity define how we do business and make us a partner of choice for the most sensitive and critical customer missions.

Product Impact

Our 50,000 scientists, engineers and IT professionals develop a broad portfolio of products and solutions for national defense, cyber security, logistics and energy. This portfolio supports global advanced infrastructure for national security and citizen services to strengthen critical systems at scale. Customers measure our value through product quality, cost and reliability. We build safety, resource efficiency and other dimensions of sustainability into each phase of the product lifecycle, from design to delivery. By recognizing the nexus between customer needs and sustainability, we can design solutions that deliver greater value to our customers and society in terms of product impact and total cost of ownership.

Employee Wellbeing

Our business succeeds when our employees thrive. Employees with diverse backgrounds and perspectives contribute to our high-performance environment and enhance our competitiveness as an employer of choice. We prioritize talent recruitment, talent development, workforce safety and diversity and inclusion to meet customer needs and innovate for the future.

Resource Efficiency

Our lifecycle-based assessments show our operations’ biggest opportunities are to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Our largest overall GHG challenge is the environmental footprint of our products during the customer use phase, constituting nearly 70 percent of our impact. Financially, we could be affected by future remediation requirements or regulations developed in response to federal, state, local and global concerns for climate risks, other aspects of the environment or natural resources. We reduce our footprint, and that action results in industry-leading outcomes. The Board of Directors and the Executive Leadership Team review our environmental performance at least twice annually.

Information Security

The world is increasingly connected through, and reliant on, digital infrastructure to support business, enhance production and drive innovation. Global information system security is critical to smoothly functioning, stable societies and affects governments, militaries, energy grids, communications systems and health records. Lockheed Martin systems and products safeguard crucial information for customers. Our IT infrastructure is routinely threatened by hacktivists, cyber criminals, insider threats and advanced persistent threats. Our ability to protect employee personal information is integral to mission success and trust. With thousands of our scientists and engineers developing patented solutions, the health of our business depends on protecting intellectual property (IP) and sensitive data.




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