Military Aircraft Leadership

For more than 100 years, we have been designing, building and sustaining the finest commercial and military aircraft in the world.

Nobody accelerates aerospace innovation like Lockheed Martin.
Our systemic approach to aviation combines world-class training and state-of-the-art technology, creating the most agile and effective aircraft ever to fly the skies. Lockheed Martin’s relentless pursuit of excellence means that those we serve can expect leading solutions to solve their most complex challenges. With our aircraft, air superiority is inevitable.
We do more than produce planes; we design and integrate systems that achieve better outcomes.
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Auto GCAS: Collision Avoidance System
Explore the Auto GCAS by Lockheed Martin, a state-of-the-art collision avoidance system designed to enhance pilot safety and avert in-flight collisions.
BLACK HAWK® Helicopter
Discover the versatility of Sikorsky BLACK HAWK® helicopters for military missions and civilian use. Explore more solutions at Lockheed Martin.
C-130J Super Hercules
Discover how the C-130J Super Hercules provides enhanced situational awareness, offering flexibility and versatility for military and humanitarian missions.
CH-53K Helicopter
Discover the CH-53K, a modern solution for a true heavy-lift helicopter. It offers intelligence and survivability in remote operating bases.
F-16 Fighting Falcon
Discover the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the world's most capable 4th generation multi-role military jet. Explore Lockheed Martin's advanced fighter capabilities.
F-35 Lightning II
Explore the F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft, equipped with advanced sensors, stealth technology and supersonic speed. Learn more at Lockheed Martin.
Future Vertical Lift: RAIDER X®
Meet RAIDER X®, our advanced FARA prototype for a fast, agile, and survivable compound coaxial helicopter to combat against evolving threats.
LM-100J Air Freighter Cargo Solutions
Discover the LM-100J (Model 382J), Lockheed Martin's advanced air freighter, offering reliable and versatile cargo transport solutions for diverse needs.
LMXT: America's Next Strategic Tanker
We are leveraging our established tanking expertise to deliver the LMXT — a low-risk tanker.
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Belgium And Lockheed Martin Celebrate Rollout Of First F-35A For Belgium
Dec 10, 2023
Press Release
Lockheed Martin presented Belgium's first F-35A Lightning II to the Belgian government during a rollout ceremony at Lockheed Martin's F-35 production facility.
Sikorsky Delivers First Replacement MH-60T Airframe To U.S. Coast Guard
Nov 30, 2023
Press Release
Full rate production of 45 new rescue helicopter airframes underway.
Sikorsky Delivers First S-70 Black Hawk Helicopters To Romania
Nov 24, 2023
Press Release
Multi-Role Helicopters for Search & Rescue Missions
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