It's Human More. The future of autonomy isn't human-less.

The Future of Autonomy
Isn't Human-Less.

It's Human

Technology is transforming how humans and machines work together. That’s why Lockheed Martin is investing in the development of optionally-manned and unmanned systems that serve as a capability multiplier. Because we recognize that the question isn’t just about who’s the best person for the job—it’s about what’s the best team for the mission.

Optimizing the Human-Machine Team

For decades, Lockheed Martin has been delivering advanced autonomous systems to the U.S. military and allies to meet our customers’ most demanding missions. Through strategic investments and nontraditional partnerships, we’re combining commercial best practices with our technological expertise to bring cutting-edge autonomy capabilities to the defense industry rapidly and affordably.

Enabled by Advances in Autonomous Technologies

Lockheed Martin’s unmanned technologies enable our systems to go farther, operate longer and succeed in harsh or dangerous conditions. Within these systems are elements that make them smart – and ultimately help users make intelligent decisions.
Increased Trust

Increased Trust

We’re building trust through rigorous validation and verification of our autonomous capabilities to mitigate direct threats to the warfighter – ultimately, increasing mission readiness.  
Maximized Performance

Maximized Performance

The deployment of autonomous systems help to maximize the operational effectiveness of a mission while ensuring the safety of the human-in-the-loop across air, land, sea and space. 
Decision Making

Decision Making

Our autonomous solutions leverage artificial intelligence and advanced computing to help operators make more informed decisions. 

Artificial Intelligence

In an AI-enhanced future, humans will become better at everything; they’ll also become safer, less vulnerable to danger. That’s why Lockheed Martin continues to invest in and expand our AI and autonomy capabilities. AI adds value to almost all our products and systems, supporting both military and commercial customers.

AI-enabled autonomous systems are changing the way militaries operate and protect their forces, the way first responders fight fires, how researchers explore the far reaches of space and the ocean’s depths.

Meeting Challenging Missions

As our service customers evolve their unmanned missions, we’re increasing expeditionary capabilities, providing longer endurance and beyond-line-of-sight communications, offering a wider variety of payloads and increased payload capabilities, and focusing on survivability and reliability.

Air, Land and Sea Systems

Our portfolio of sophisticated unmanned systems are currently being used for a variety of lifesaving military and commercial applications, and the demand for these capabilities is growing. Click below to learn more.

Lockheed Martin Advanced Technologies

Directed Energy

Directed Energy systems use highly-focused energy to disable targets with pinpoint accuracy. Our engineers are at the forefront of transforming high-power laser technology developed for factories into inventive and cost-effective defense capabilities for our customers.


Going Mach 5, or over 60 miles per minute, creates a number of complex engineering and physics challenges which is why Lockheed Martin leverages expertise and technology from across the corporation to tackle these challenges with speed, agility and ingenuity. As one of the Department of Defense’s highest technical priorities, our scientists and engineers are developing game-changing hypersonic solutions.

Multi-Domain Operations

For more than a decade, we’ve worked alongside the Department of Defense to develop systems, mature critical technologies, and explore concepts of operations that will enable Multi-Domain Operations. We’re focused on connecting systems by ensuring every element is a collector, a sharer and a learner to move decision-quality data faster than ever before, allowing our military forces to create multiple, simultaneous, complex problems at a speed our adversaries cannot match.