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Radar & Sensors

The World's Most Advanced Radar and Sensors Family

Lockheed Martin’s radar and electro-optical/infrared sensor systems provide advanced precision targeting, navigation, threat detection and next generation intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. We’ve designed and delivered radars and sensors for every armed service and operational environment. Our space-based solutions collect and transmit imagery and sensor data that informs critical decisions made by national leaders, troops on the battlefield, intelligence agents and emergency responders, as well as the public and private sector.
Unmatched Systems Expertise

Unmatched Systems Expertise

Revolutionary Technology

Revolutionary Technology

Affordable Solutions

Affordable Solutions

Mission Success


Targeting and Detection

Deployed on ground vehicles and fixed and rotary wing platforms, our sensor systems are designed to precisely identify, classify and track enemy threats in the air, on the ground or at sea.


Ground-Based Surveillance

Solid state radar systems specialize in early warning, situational awareness, and tactical ballistic missile surveillance and defense, while operating completely unmanned. These systems detect targets at ranges up to 250 miles, 24 hours a day, and many have performed for years beyond their life cycle in remote, inhospitable areas.


Missile Warning and Defense

Maritime and shore-based radar systems continue to provide the backbone of any layered missile defense strategy, while space-based satellites collect and transmit infrared data that is vital for early missile warning.


Space Situational Awareness

To monitor critical space-based assets, radar systems provide sensitivity, accuracy, efficiency and flexibility so that satellite operators can ensure their systems are safe from the hundreds of thousands of pieces of space debris orbiting the Earth.


Electronic Warfare

Dominating the electromagnetic spectrum requires awareness, surveillance, protection and denials. Our work in photonics, advanced computing and machine learning delivers advanced technologies that help impede and outpace electromagnetic threats.


Remote Sensing

From high-resolution imagery to real-time climate monitoring, Lockheed Martin’s remote sensing satellites and instruments help make maps more precise and weather forecasts more accurate.

Next-Generation Infrared Sensors

Next-Generation Infrared Sensors

Advanced infrared and multispectral sensor technologies by Lockheed Martin are guiding the world’s most advanced platforms operating on and above the Earth—from the F-35 to satellites in high orbit.

Radar and Sensors Videos

Hear From Our Experts

Paul Hey

Program Manager, Lockheed Martin

Paul describes Legion Pod’s unique features and what’s next for the advanced sensor system. From flight tests to sensor configurations – and everything in between – learn about Legion Pod’s latest and greatest.

“We have a long history of rapidly integrating our infrared search and track systems…in a variety of configurations…across platforms worldwide. Whether with our IRST21 on the F/A-18E/F, on the F-16 or on international F-15 platforms, we’ve completed hundreds of hours of flight tests in representative environments. When we say that we’ve got experience, that we’re low risk for our customers….we mean it.” 

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