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Stories from Space

Stories of Innovation and Exploration from Lockheed Martin Space

Lisa Callahan

Lockheed Martin IQ: Lisa Callahan
The Success of AA-2 and what it means for Orion

Tim Pepe

Tim Pepe, Lockheed Martin Space’s mechanism and pyrotechnics manager for Orion, knows what he wants to see during the AA-2 flight test on July 2.

AEHF Launch

Under Control: Lockheed Martin-Built AEHF-5 Protected Communications Satellite Now In Transfer Orbit

GPS Commerce

GPS: More than a Signal. From establishing the modern economy to bringing you home safely GPS is a key component to our everyday lives.

Space Exploration

We’ve been conducting in-depth studies on what an accelerated lunar landing schedule would require and believe humans could walk on the Moon by 2024.

Rick Ambrose

Four Predictions for the Future of Space: For those of us who can recite the opening lines of Star Trek word for word, we know that space has often been referred to as "The Final Frontier." But space is no longer science fiction. 

Mark Baldwin

Meet Mark Baldwin. He is a biomechanical engineer and Lockheed Martin Space’s Orion crew safety and landing analyst. 

Binary Asteroid

Small Spacecraft, Big Universe: Janus. Lockheed Martin has been selected to design dual small deep space spacecraft to visit near-earth asteroids in a mission called Janus, led by the University of Colorado Boulder. 


We're outrunning a rocket on July 2 with NASA’s Orion Spacecraft. 


Discovering Deep Space: Robotics. The Moon, the Sun and the stars—and Mars and beyond. If a robotic mission has traveled there, so has Lockheed Martin.

Rob Chambers and Tim Cichan

Audio: The Future Commercial Lunar Economy. Rob Chambers and Tim Cichan chat about how Lockheed Martin is Ahead of the Curve.