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The space economy is evolving, and the need for human advancement and technological innovation is greater than ever. Lockheed Martin is at the forefront of outer space development by partnering with government and commercial customers to create breakthrough technologies that bring us closer to discovering more of space. We’re designing, building and testing lunar and deep space exploration capabilities, including NASA’s Orion spacecraft, and creating early-warning weather and climate observation satellites, like the GOES-R series.

Back home on Earth, defending the U.S. and its allies from adversarial threats in any domain starts with space – the ultimate high ground. Lockheed Martin uses cutting-edge technologies to build capabilities that comprise layered defense systems, from missile defense to directed energy and hypersonic capabilities. Our customers leverage data as a strategic asset, enabling 21st Century Security through advanced communications, data transport and GPS satellites. By partnering with Lockheed Martin, our customers can make decisions with a high degree of precision to protect what matters most – deterring and, if necessary, defeating the threats of today and tomorrow. 

hours of planetary spacecraft operations
planets visited by Lockheed Martin spacecraft
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Space offers more than 35 product and service lines to help our customers stay ahead of ready:

goes-t launch

Human & Scientific Exploration

GOES-R Series



compass software

Intelligence Solutions & Cyber

Satellite Software

Latest Space News   ___
Lockheed Martin To Collaborate With U.S. Army To Improve Space-Enabled Defense Systems
May 30, 2023
Press Release
Lockheed Martin signed an agreement with the U.S. Army to advance Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) connectivity.
Four Ways Lockheed Martin is Fueling Next Generation Interceptor
Apr 26, 2023
Lockheed Martin is demonstrating technologies with a focus on homeland missile defense, to ensure our customers can counter an evolving threat environment.
Lockheed Martin's First LM 400 Multi-Mission Space Vehicle Completes Demanding Testing Milestone
Apr 19, 2023
Press Release
The first Lockheed Martin LM 400, a versatile, mid-sized satellite that can be adapted for military, civil or commercial uses, has successfully completed Electromagnetic Interference/Electromagnetic Compatibility testing.
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