AEHF Launch
Photo: United Launch Alliance

As the fascination with deep space exploration grows, commercial opportunities will follow. Companies are developing commercial lunar concepts and business plans. NASA’s lunar Gateway can be a cornerstone to the development of a new commercial lunar economy. Like the transcontinental railroad or commercial airports, government developed infrastructure will be critical to the viability of a commercial market based in cis-lunar space. Early commercial applications will be privatized services to NASA, such as current commercial cargo and crew to the International Space Station. More

The Infrastructure: Gateway

The Surface: Landers

The Concept: Our Team

The Workhorse: Orion

The Story: Our Experts (Audio)

Ahead of the Curve

The Idea: Fly Orion

Space Exploration

Eleven Mars-bound orbiters and landers. The first ever comet sample return. The first 3D printed parts in deep space. Lockheed Martin has built more interplanetary spacecraft than any other U.S. company. And we’re just getting started. Check out the technology we’ve built for NASA that has pushed the boundaries of exploration and changed our understanding of the solar system.
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