Digital Transformation

Across our business, we are transforming with urgency to deliver the speed,
agility and insights our customers need to stay ahead of rapidly-evolving threats.

Enter 1LMX, our mission-driven business and digital transformation program. With 1LMX, we’re transforming our end-to-end business processes and systems. We’re also creating a model-based enterprise with a fully integrated digital thread throughout the design, build and sustain product lifecycle. Through new innovations and partnerships, we will accelerate 21st Century Security capabilities to support our customers’ national security missions.

Digital Engineering

Model-based engineering optimizes design and links design, manufacturing and sustainment teams on a common digital thread to save costs and speed program lifecycles.


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Next-Gen Software

A company-wide Software Factory is deploying DevSecOps approaches and enabling fast development and continuous deployment of software to advance customer missions.


Software Factory
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Digital Enablement

Company-wide investments in process reinvention, business system modernization, 5G networking, cyber and cloud are laying the foundation for transformational capabilities.


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Data as a Strategic Asset

We’re building the global infrastructure to share data instantly and securely, and the AI-powered, predictive analytics to glean insights that advance performance from the factory to the field.


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Advanced Production

We’re revolutionizing our factories with smart  tools, connected machines, networked supply chains and AR/VR for technicians that speed production and improve quality.

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