Spectrum Convergence

So Long, Stovepipes

Spectrum Convergence


Ongoing digital transformation is having a dramatic effect throughout the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS). Adversaries use the EMS to plan and execute their operations while friendly forces look to maintain dominance across the joint, all-domain environment. As a result, the Department of Defense and its allies are increasing their ability to see and control the virtual battlefield thanks to an integration of capabilities from the realms of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), cyber techniques and effects, electronic warfare (EW), and information operations (IO); but a lot of work remains – that’s where we can help. Lockheed Martin’s Spectrum Convergence team focuses on developing technologies that ensure warfighters stay ahead of EMS and information-based threats.


A New Approach for a New Era of Warfare

Meet Our Team

“In my role on a cyber/electronic warfare (EW) program, I collaborate with an innovative team who develops first-of-its-kind converged technologies that are a form factor within a podded system. These advanced technologies are at the forefront of realizing our customers’ urgent need and vision for EW capability/dominance.”

– Roland Brooks, Multi-Function Electronic Warfare – Air Large Program Manager

Spectrum Convergence:
An Integrated Systems Approach for a New Era of Warfare

Revolutions in military technology have continually challenged leaders looking to prevail in combat. From the phalanx and the English long bow to repeating rifles and tanks capable of crossing trenches, battlefield innovations have continually tipped the scales in favor of those willing to embrace progress.