Converged Cyber, SIGINT, EW

Controlling the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Enemy forces jam equipment; congested airwaves make it difficult to distinguish friend from foe. In today’s digital environment, this is a small sample of threats and challenges we face. Having the ability to see and control the virtual battlefield is essential to completing your mission safely.

Terrestrial Layer System-Brigade Combat Team (TLS-BCT)

The Terrestrial Layer System-Brigade Combat Team (TLS-BCT) program, a critical component of the Army of 2028 vision that will help soldiers address signals found in the electromagnetic environment.

Leveraging more than 50 years of Lockheed Martin’s airborne and ground Electronic Warfare (EW) products and capabilities, TLS-BCT is the U.S. Army’s next generation, tactical vehicle-based system that delivers an integrated suite of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), EW and Cyberspace Operations overmatch capabilities to enable the Joint All Domain Operations (JADO) Capable Force.


• Full suite of SIGINT and EW capabilities provides situational understanding to the Commander
• True open architecture system leverages DoD’s C4ISR/EW Modular Open Suite of Standards (CMOSS) to prevent vendor lock and enable rapid technology insertion to pace the threat in a dynamic mission environment
• Network integration enables interoperability with other TLS systems and data throughput to the Common Operating Picture
• Operates on the move or at the halt, providing real time data and situation updates while staying with the formation

Multi-Function Electronic Warfare-Air Large

Multi-Function Electronic Warfare – Air Large (MFEW-AL) provides Electronic Support (ES), offensive Electronic Attack (EA) non-kinetic fires, dissemination of Military Information Support Operation (MISO), and support to offensive cyber operations in a podded form factor. 


• MFEW-AL sees and shoots the furthest of all Army EW systems and is a key enabler of the Army Modernization Priorities, Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing/Space Cross Functional Teams (CFT), Network CFT, and Long-Range Precision Fires (LRPF) CFT. It utilizes technologically advanced systems with system architecture based on the Modular Open System Standards – CMOSS and provides the essential aerial component of the integrated EW system in Multi-Domain Operations (MDO).
• True open architecture system leverages DoD’s C4ISR/EW Modular Open Suite of Standards (CMOSS) to prevent vendor lock and enable rapid technology insertion to pace the threat in a dynamic mission environment.
• Platform-agnostic design addresses multiple mission needs in one compact system.
• Fully autonomous with demonstrated in-flight reprogram ability to address evolving battlefield environment.

Designed to Handle 21st Century Threats

Aligned to our 21 Century Security Vision, these systems are designed to not only handle today’s threats, they’re designed to take on future threats to ensure our customers stay ahead of ready. That’s all thanks to the open architecture design that allows us to rapidly deliver upgrades to the system.

Lockheed Martin’s system design conforms to the DoD’s C4ISR/EW Modular Open Suite of Standards (CMOSS) and will for years to come. Through CMOSS open system standards, the Department of Defense and industry can:

  • Rapidly develop and deploy new techniques
  • Use hardware and software across platforms for optimal interoperability
  • Promptly insert new hardware technology
  • Reduce total ownership costs

Accelerated Technology Development

Our internal research & development programs have resulted in first-of-its-kind converged technology programs of record that are at the forefront of realizing our customers’ urgent need and vision for combined cyber and electronic warfare (EW) capability and superiority.

Through a trusted partnership with the Army codified through embracing soldier touchpoints, we have been able to accelerate programs through all phases of development using feedback from the soldiers to guide the design.   

In addition, we have continued to transform our design, engineering and manufacturing processes with cutting-edge digital technologies that optimize our operations and allow us to quickly deliver technologies into the hands of the Soldiers.  As part of our ongoing digital transformation initiative, all of our engineering processes have embraced a full DevSecOps methodology, allowing us to remain agile and be able to continuously update and refresh our technology to adapt to the evolving needs of the warfighter ensuring that they always remain Ahead of Ready. 

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