Integrity Minute

Integrity Minute

Lockheed Martin’s episodic “Integrity Minute” video series invites you to take a front-row seat in an ethical dilemma. The video series is produced by the Lockheed Martin Ethics Office, and content is derived from real Lockheed Martin Ethics investigations. You may watch new episodes as they are released or view the compilation after the final episode appears.


Our most current Integrity Minute series is made available on so it can be viewed by all employees. Academic institutions can license prior Integrity Minute series free of charge for use in classrooms.
For more information, contact the Corporate Ethics Office

Series 57: "Do the (Side) Hustle"

For many, it is challenging adapting to changes in the workplace. Remote and hybrid work arrangements often require modified expectations and mindset adjustments for both leaders and employees.

Shawn is a manager with decades of experience in the traditional office environment. His recent direction to return to the office is causing some friction among his team - especially with Mark, a high-performing employee. Is there more to the story, though? Could Mark's side hustle possibly be a factor in the friction? Watch Integrity Minute Series 57 to get the whole story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Lockheed Martin Integrity Minute replace annual ethics awareness training or compliance training?
A: No. All employees are still required to complete annual ethics awareness training, plus any business conduct compliance training courses.

Q: I have experienced or witnessed some of the issues depicted in the Lockheed Martin Integrity Minute. What should I do about this?
 The best option in most situations is to discuss the situation with your supervisor, manager, or someone higher up in your chain of command. If you are not comfortable with this option, contact Human Resources or your Ethics Officer. You can also call the Corporate Ethics HelpLine at 1-800-LM-ETHIC (1-800-563-8442).

Q: Is it mandatory for employees to view the Lockheed Martin Integrity Minute?
 No, employees are not required to watch the Lockheed Martin Integrity Minute.

Q: What should I charge my time to while watching the Lockheed Martin Integrity Minute?
 Consult with your supervisor for any labor charging questions. The Lockheed Martin Integrity Minute episodes are intentionally short (usually 3 minutes each) so that labor charging should not be an issue; however, if employees encounter downloading issues, the time spent could be longer. Employees without Internet access at work can use their home computers to access the videos on