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Defining the Future of Aerospace

Our purpose hasn’t changed. The Skunk Works® team remains connected to founder Kelly Johnson’s vision of a place where small empowered teams created powerful solutions. What Skunk Works cared about in 1943 is what we care about today. Our customers’ missions define our purpose. We thank them for their partnership and allowing us to serve them for 75 years, and we stand ready to tackle their more important missions for the next 75 years and beyond.


Skunk Works Approach 

We use the same approach to tackle tomorrow’s toughest, most demanding challenges as we did to tackle the challenges of yesterday.

Small Empowered Teams. Streamlined Processes. A Willingness to do the Impossible.

This unique approach has led to a risk-tolerant culture where creativity is fostered, and new ideas are readily embraced.

The Results

Eight Collier Trophies. National Medal of Technology Award. More X or Experimental Planes than any Other Company in the Industry.

The Why

Solving hard problems doesn’t deter us. It excites us. We stand ready to do whatever it takes for our customer.