The Lighthouse

The Center for Innovation (the Lighthouse) represents the intersection of Lockheed Martin’s commitment to our customers and our passion for innovation.

The Center for Innovation provides both a physical and virtual portal into the vast network of Lockheed Martin laboratories, research centers and engineering facilities. Designed as a 50,000-square-foot, high-end laboratory, the Center is part of Lockheed Martin’s investment in global research and development programs and infrastructure. 

It is this unique infrastructure, optimized for collaborative experimentation and analysis, which has facilitated numerous Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA), as well as human in the loop (HITL) experiments and analytical efforts, between Lockheed Martin and its U.S. government, international, academic and industry partners. 

What We Do

We are the center for multidomain integration, experimentation, wargaming, tabletop exercises, modeling and simulation, and decision analysis in both real and synthetic environments. We bring engineers and operators together to create Innovation. 

We partner with government and industry teams to tackle complex problems and develop new concepts and capabilities.

Multidomain Integration

Tabletop Exercises


Modeling and Simulation


Decision Analysis

What's Inside

  • A resource available to government, industry, academia and international partners
  • Advanced suite of collaboration, analysis and decision support tools
  • 50,000 sq. ft. of reconfigurable lab space including a 150-person decision support center, a 92-seat auditorium and a 40-workstation enabled laboratory
  • Connectivity to secure government, academic and commercial high bandwidth networks
  • Numerous spaces to support break-out meetings and small work groups
  • Live and virtual brainstorming capabilities
  • Immersive simulations and simulators, high-definition visualization, interactive video walls, and secure video teleconferencing
  • Exterior vehicle equipment pads and adjacent 6-acre cantonment area
  • Knowledge in both domestic and international protocol
  • On-site café and event catering

Who We Are

The Lighthouse team is staffed by trained specialists in operations analysis, modeling and simulation, visualization, security, information technology, audio visual, and operational domains.

When the needs require, the Lighthouse reaches back into Lockheed Martin to ensure the right mix of resources are brought to bear.

Where We Are

The Lighthouse is strategically located in close proximity to the largest concentrations of 3 and 4 star operational commands representing all of the US military service departments.

These commands are tasked with manning, training, equipping, providing operational forces, concept development, doctrine, and conducting research and development.

Located near the heart of Hampton Roads and the government partners chartered with examining the future through innovation, collaboration and experimentation.

8000 Harborview Boulevard Suffolk
Virginia 23435

Have Your Team Make Use of the Lighthouse for an Event or Experiment

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+1 (757) 935-9200