Center for Innovation

Lockheed Martin has helped revolutionize the aerospace industry through unparalleled foresight and a passion for invention.  It was through this same vision that the Center for Innovation was conceptualized, built and staffed to focus on creating a collaborative environment with our customers.  It is that relationship that serves as a crucible for the creative thinking that leads to the development of innovative solutions. 

Lockheed Martin’s Center for Innovation is known as the ‘Lighthouse’ because of the iconic 40 foot recreation of a 19th Century Lighthouse located inside the Center’s expansive atrium.  The Lighthouse draws upon the maritime history of Hampton Roads and is a daily reminder that the Center serves as a beacon for explorers on the pathway to innovation.

The Center for Innovation provides both a physical and a virtual portal into the vast network of Lockheed Martin laboratories, research centers and engineering facilities.  Designed as a 50,000-square-foot, high-end laboratory the Center is part of Lockheed Martin’s investment in research and development programs and infrastructure.  It is this unique infrastructure, optimized for collaborative experimentation and analysis, which has facilitated numerous Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA), as well as human in the loop (HITL) experiments and analytical efforts, between Lockheed Martin, its U.S. government, international, academic and industry partners. 

Staffed by trained specialists in operations analysis, modeling and simulation, visualization, and operational domains, the Center for Innovation relies upon this portfolio of resources to test ideas, analyze concepts to co-create innovative solutions for an ever widening range of customer challenges.

Center for Innovation

Phone: +1 (757) 935-9200

Address: 8000 Harborview Boulevard
Suffolk, Virginia 23435

Light House Atrium