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Helping the future arrive is what we do. We solve the great problems of our times. We create the innovative technologies that define eras. While no one knows what's going to change the world next, we're probably already working on it.

All Lockheed Martin Capabilities & Advanced Technologies

21st Century Security
Unlock the potential of advanced technologies with our 21st Century Security networked solutions. We offer predictive maintenance, cyber defense, incident response, and more for next-gen security.
5G from Space
Lockheed Martin Space delivers 5G standards-compliant network solutions to provide secure, interoperable connectivity across terrestrial and space-based networks.
Advanced Technologies
With a focus on the U.S. National Defense Strategy, we're developing, innovating and integrating hypersonic capabilities that travel Mach 5 or more, directed energy that travels at the speed of light, joint all-domain operations that network assets and artificial intelligence that enables rapid decision making to help our customers achieve their most important and critical missions.
Discover Lockheed Martin's military aircraft leadership in combat, air mobility, and reconnaissance. Advanced technology for unmatched capabilities.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Lockheed Martin pioneers in AI-driven advancements. With a commitment to ethical AI, we enhance decision-making and deliver actionable intelligence.
Autonomous and Unmanned Systems
Delve into the forefront of autonomous technology with Lockheed Martin's advanced unmanned systems. Discover our innovations in future autonomous technology.
Explore Lockheed Martin's C4ISR capabilities, offering advanced battle management system solutions for superior command and control in critical missions.
Lockheed Martin is a global leader delivering full spectrum cyber capabilities -- supporting the offensive and defensive efforts of our defense and intelligence community customers.
Directed Energy
Experience the potential of our laser weapons and directed energy technologies, providing affordable alternatives for air, ground, and sea platforms.
Discovering Space
How robotic missions advance science and the future of all space exploration.
Distributed Teaming
We’re exploring ways a piloted aircraft can partner with a team of autonomous systems to offer greater mission flexibility at a low cost: Distributed Teaming.
Electronic Warfare
Enhance your capabilities with electronic warfare and protection, utilizing the electromagnetic spectrum for sensing, communication, and defense.
Unlock the power of hypersonic missiles with Lockheed Martin. Our expertise and technology tackle complex engineering challenges at speeds exceeding Mach 5.
Maritime Systems
Lockheed Martin, a leader in maritime technologies, provides advanced systems for global naval forces.
Multi-Domain Operations/Joint All-Domain Operations
Discover Lockheed Martin's advanced JADO and JADC2 solutions for unmatched defense across land, air, sea, space, and cyber, ensuring rapid threat deterrence.
Next Gen Necessities
What defines the next generation?
The threats to military and civilian assets are accelerating in volume, diversity, and ferocity every day. In this frenetic environment, the U.S. military and its allies need radar systems that can protect various mission types and adapt to an ever-changing landscape.
Sikorsky - Engineering the Future of Vertical Lift
Discover Sikorsky Aircraft, the industry leader in vertical lift innovations since 1923. We bring an unwavering commitment to help our customers succeed.
Software Factory
Lockheed Martin’s Software Factory is a leader in DevSecOps-driven software engineering, serving the aerospace and defense sectors.
Embark on a transformative journey through outer space. Explore our cutting-edge capabilities and shape the future of space exploration and innovation.
Spectrum Convergence
Lockheed Martin’s Spectrum Convergence team focuses on developing technologies that ensure warfighters stay ahead of EMS and information-based threats.
Ready When The Mission Calls
Training, Logistics & Sustainment
As the world’s leading systems integrator, Lockheed Martin delivers comprehensive training and logistics solutions to prepare military personnel for the most complex missions.
Weapon Systems
Discover Lockheed Martin's innovative weapon systems, showcasing cutting-edge defense technology for modern warfare and security.
Soldiers rely on Lockheed Martin radars to keep them safe and bring them home to their families.
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