Ahead of Ready

At Lockheed Martin, our purpose is to ensure those we serve always stay ahead of ready.

It's our identity, our culture, and our promise. 

The threats our customers face require us to deliver innovation at scale, and with greater agility than ever before, to address their toughest challenges. As the leader in every domain in which our customers operate — air, land, sea, space and cyber — we have an unparalleled understanding of their missions.
To meet their needs, we are digitally transforming our operations throughout the design and production process, ensuring the greatest efficiency without sacrificing quality.
A joint force is a connected force. And our vision for 21st Century Security weaves 5G technology through our proven platforms and combines them with the most advanced commercial technologies to increase capability and connectivity.
Our customers know they can count on us to help them stay ahead of threats, so we never stop working to ensure they stay ahead of ready.
ahead of ready

How We Ensure Our Customers Stay Ahead of Ready

Mission Focused
We bring a deep understanding of our customers’ missions, delivering tailored solutions that address current and future challenges. Here are a few key partnerships at work, both on-going and in development.
Black Hawk
All-Domain Leader
[03] Capabilities by Domain   ___

Products trusted for our customers'
most important missions.

Innovation at Scale
We innovate, develop, and implement critical, breakthrough technologies. We’re taking smart risks, investing in predictive, digital capabilities, and transforming how we do business. 
Digital Thread
Digital Flight Line
21st Century Security
We are facilitating a new standard of connected protection. We’re building the foundation for open systems architecture that integrates our own platforms and capabilities with the best of our partners, enabling smarter, faster decisions through our collective strength.
Directed Energy
Distributed Teaming
Innovation Stories   ___

Stories of Innovation

Inspired by your most challenging missions, we take a visionary approach by delivering innovative solutions that keep the world safe today and into the future.

Read Our Stories of Innovation
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