Environment, Safety and Health

Mission and Strategic Focus

Natural resources, energy, climate change, social issues and economic pressures are often closely interconnected. These global challenges are an integral part of our mission, driving innovations that protect employees, save lives, increase efficiencies, reduce costs and minimize environmental impacts.

We are committed to facing these complex challenges head on, promoting innovation and responsible growth while contributing to a more sustainable future for our employees, communities and shareholders.

By integrating environment, safety and health (ESH) considerations into our operations and business practices, we create value by decreasing business risks and identifying opportunities while increasing the productivity, efficiency and quality of our employees’ work environment.

In keeping with key objectives to protect, enhance, optimize and simplify, our strategic focus areas guide our actions to ensure effective execution of our ESH mission. 

Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) Policy and Governance

Lockheed Martin is committed to operating in a manner that prevents environmental, safety and health (ESH) accidents and incidents, actively manages risk, conserves natural resources, protects the environment, and ensures the safety of employees, contractors and the public.

Our ESH policy applies to all Lockheed Martin operations and outlines responsibilities for its successful implementation across the corporation. Our ESH policy provides key processes and integration methods for managing the ESH aspects of our business, and through it we state:

  • Lockheed Martin will comply with all environment, safety and health (ESH) laws, regulations, and other legal obligations applicable to our operations, services and products.
  • Lockheed Martin is committed to providing a safe and healthful working environment by eliminating hazards and reducing risks in our workplaces.
  • Lockheed Martin is committed to operating in a manner that protects the environment, conserves natural resources, prevents pollution, and reduces and actively manages associated risks.
  • Lockheed Martin will systematically manage our ESH programs using the established ESH management system, including leadership engagement and employee participation, and regularly review for continual improvement opportunities to enhance ESH performance.
  • Lockheed Martin’s ESH commitments are made in consideration of the interests of our stakeholders including employees, contractors, customers, and the general public.

Consistent with the commitments and requirements identified in our ESH policy, Lockheed Martin has procedures that establish an ESH management system to continually improve ESH performance, fulfill legal and other requirements, and achieve our ESH objectives.


Lockheed Martin’s ESH management system is a systematic approach to the identification and mitigation of the risks or hazards of, as well as the realization of the opportunities provided by, the ESH aspects of our operations, products and services. This ESH management system, that covers all of Lockheed Martin’s operations, is our foundation – driving regulatory compliance with an emphasis on continuous improvement across our business. Lockheed Martin’s ESH management system, through our enterprise or central function, is certified to the internationally recognized ISO 14001 and 45001 standards for environmental and occupational safety and health management, respectively. In addition to Lockheed Martin’s enterprise ESH management system, several of our individual operating sites have achieved certification to the ISO 14001 and/or ISO 45001 standards. A complete list of the individual sites that are managed with our enterprise-level certification can be found here. The scope of each site’s certification and/or certificate can be made available upon request.

Lockheed Martin also focuses on the integration of ESH into sustainable business operations, including but not limited to product design, services, procurement, supplier selection, manufacturing, and property upgrade/renovation/rearrangement. Our programs provide access to ESH resources, including technology, best practices, lessons learned, and detailed legal requirements of countries in which Lockheed Martin operates, including resources relevant to emerging legislative and regulatory requirements and industry trends.

Our Chemical Sustainability Program is one example of how we are addressing global emerging regulatory issues. We continuously seek opportunities to reduce and eliminate hazardous chemicals in our products and operations. We collaborate with our industry partners, such as the International Aerospace Environmental Group, to develop industry-wide solutions and common standards for working with the global supply chain on chemical regulations and other environmental issues.

ESH Management System (ESHMS)


Safety and Health

The Lockheed Martin Safety and Health program goes beyond compliance to optimize Lockheed Martin operations through targeted safety, health and wellness opportunities designed to ensure safe work conditions, a healthy work environment, promote workforce resiliency and enhance business value. We make a difference, together with our stakeholders to integrate, enable and instill core safety and health competencies for workplace design, work practices and for workers to ensure successful implementation of the corporation’s mission.

Target Zero

Since its initiation in 2004, the Lockheed Martin Target Zero program focused employees and leaders in the direction of injury prevention to protect our most important asset: our people.  Together we find the way to ensure a safe and healthy workforce and workplace through ergonomic and operational design, protective work practices, worker resilience and targeted safety and health risk reduction techniques. Our approach to drive improvement encompasses education, leader accountability and employee engagement through a variety of safety and health programs and initiatives. The safety and health of every employee is paramount to our success as a business and is a strategic imperative for our organization. 

Leadership Involvement and Employee Engagement

  • Lockheed Martin drives leadership accountability and commitment to empower a safe and productive workforce. Leaders are encouraged to take proactive actions to engage with employees on safety, health and resilience, such as talking openly about safety and health strategies, facilitating open dialogues and Q&A sessions and being present and visible in teamwork environments.
  • Target Zero Structured Improvement Activity (TZ SIA) is a global Environment Safety and Health (ESH) risk reduction “signature offering” for Lockheed Martin.  Through collaboration with our business areas, the TZ SIA events empower teams to identify and mitigate workplace hazards and design/process inefficiencies through education, exploration and practical application, while concurrently driving workforce engagement, accountability and personal resilience.
  • Lockheed Martin facilitates the Ergo Cup competition each year to encourage employees to share and be recognized for their innovative solutions to address ergonomic injury risk in the workplace. Employees across the corporation participate in the competition by voting for their favorite submissions. 

Zero in on Safety

The Zero in on Safety technique is an easy way to remember that everyone is responsible for the safety and health of our work environment. When you encounter a situation that could cause an injury, just use the Zero in on Safety IDEA technique to remember what you need to do.

  • ID (Identify):  assess the situation to identify safety risk
  • Evaluate: determine the best course of action to address the risk
  • A (Act): communicate or report your safety concerns to colleagues and your leader and mitigate the risk

This technique can be used in any situation – at work or at home – to protect against life limiting injuries and ensure you live healthy productive lives and enjoy what matters most to you. 

It’s always a good IDEA to Zero in on Safety!

Safety Moments

Safety Moments deliver employee testimonials and conversational stories through entertaining educational videos driving injury prevention awareness so that employees learn techniques to Zero in on Safety

Environmental Remediation

With heritage operations dating back to the early 20th century, Lockheed Martin has built its success on long-standing innovation and business excellence as well as strategic acquisitions. Some of our operations conducted over the years, although compliant with relevant laws at the time, resulted in soil or groundwater contamination. Where remedial actions are warranted, Lockheed Martin works collaboratively with regulatory agencies and the communities to remedy the effect of the contamination.