Latin America

At Lockheed Martin, our mission is to deliver innovative solutions to help our customers keep people safe. Our products have been doing just that in Latin America for more than fifty years.

Our presence on the continent is evolving and growing as we look to strengthen partnerships in the region.

These partnerships include our integration of the combat systems for the Chilean Navy’s Type 23 Frigates and a major Sikorsky facility in Colombia, providing maintenance and training for the continent’s Black Hawk helicopters.

With aircraft, the C-130 Hercules has proudly served 11 Latin American nations for more than 50 years and the current Hercules production model, the C-130J Super Hercules, stands ready to deliver unmatched versatility to regional operators. F-16, operated by Chile amongst others, is the world’s most successful and proven 4th generation jet and we see significant, growing demand for it in many regions, including Latin America.


Sikorsky and Latin America

Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, continues to grow its business in Latin America. To ensure highest readiness rates of more than 300 fielded Sikorsky helicopters, we’ve recently set up S-92 and S-76 rotor blade repair and parts stocking capabilities in Brazil to serve the offshore oil industry; and in Colombia, flight training and maintenance and repair operations facilities to support the region’s Black Hawk aircraft.

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May 04, 2024
Third Party Article
Among the various aircraft used by the armed forces and public security to help Rio Grande do Sul, one model has stood out as the only one capable of flying at night.
Lockheed Martin will modernize the FACh's F-16s to standard
Nov 01, 2023
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The institution plans to keep the Fighting Falcon in its inventory beyond the year 2040.
The National Police of Colombia Receives Three More Black Hawks
Oct 02, 2023
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The aircraft will be used in anti-drug and anti-terrorist operations carried out by special units.
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Black Hawk

Black Hawk

After 30 years of highly successful operations in Latin America, the combat-proven Black Hawk utility helicopter is ready to take on new roles.

Aerial Firefighting — To attack the growing problem of wildland fires, a 3,785-liter external water tank attached to UH-60L / UH-60M Black Hawk and S-70i/M Firehawk aircraft will help ground firefighters extinguish the flames quickly and safely.

Armed — With Sikorsky’s advanced weapon system, Black Hawk pilot gunners can place guns rounds, rockets and air-to- ground missiles onto the target with speed and high accuracy. Suitable for S-70i and UH-60M aircraft.

Sustainment and Training — Sikorsky offers depot-level maintenance and pilot training facilities in Colombia for the region’s five Black Hawk helicopter operators (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico).


With tens of thousands of kilometers of coastline, Latin America is no stranger to maritime operations – and we’ve got just the helicopter for the job. Brazil has been operating Sikorsky S-70B SEAHAWK® helicopters off their coast for years, with the birds flying critical missions for the Brazilian Navy. As the world’s most capable maritime helicopter available, the current MH-60R SEAHAWK® can integrate with and operate from frigates, destroyers, cruisers and aircraft carriers.


For commercial operations off the coast of Latin America, the S-76® helicopter has an unmatched record of safety and reliability. With 110 S-76 class helicopters working for customers in places like Brazil and on a diverse set of operations from oil & gas to critical transport missions, the S-76 is well positioned to meet growing customer needs in those areas. 


With the S-92® helicopter comes more room for transport without having to sacrifice availability or reliability. With industry-leading availability, it can be wherever you need it, whenever you need it; and 28 of them are currently flying in the Latin America region. The first S-92 helicopter has arrived in Mexico, to soon be in service with Mexican Operator Heliservicio, who has partnered with oil company PHI to use the helicopter for crew change and search and rescue missions.


We’re committed to being a trusted partner to our customers – and that support goes far beyond just the purchase of a product. We’ll work with you every step of the way, collaborating with you to ensure our products meet your needs now and in the future. We’ve brought on Derco, who specializes in partnering with customers around the world to deliver world-class sustainment such as C-130 Logistics Support for Chile and Argentina.


Lockheed Martin’s C-130 Hercules has proudly served 11 Latin American nations for more than 50 years.  From supporting critical humanitarian missions to delivering much-needed supplies to the Antarctic to acting as a true multinational force multiplier, Latin America’s C-130 fleets is ready for any mission — anywhere, any time. The proven C-130J Super Hercules is current Hercules production variant and offers Latin American operators what no other tactical airlifter can: certified multi-mission versatility, proven operational performance, a true global presence, known capabilities and trusted reliability.

P-3 Orion

The P-3 Orion is a peerless airborne hunter. Its reputation as the world’s standard in maritime patrol aircraft has been earned through more than 50 years of service, from round-the-clock patrols throughout the Cold War to today's guardian of the seas. With more than 400 aircraft worldwide flown by 21 operators in 17 countries — including Argentina, Brazil and Chile — the P-3 remains a relied-upon asset today. Most recently, Lockheed Martin delivered P-3 Mid-Life Upgrade kits that are extending the life of P-3s for 20+ years, including the Orions operated by Chile. Time and time again, the P-3 proves that it is remarkably well adapted for both maritime patrol and support. 


With approximately 3,000 operational F-16s being flown today by 25 countries, including Chile, the F-16 remains the world’s most successful, proven 4th Generation fighter. We are seeing significant, growing demand for the F-16 and the proven capabilities and value it delivers.

Naval Integration

Chile Frigate
With water surrounding almost the entire region of Latin America, integrating maritime capabilities with what you’ve got flying in the air is crucial. Lockheed Martin Canada was selected in 2017 to be the combat systems integrator for the Chilean Navy's three Type 23 frigates, leveraging its Canadian-developed combat management system, CMS 330. This selection builds on the longstanding relationship between Chile and Canada and the countries’ two navies and Lockheed Martin’s expertise in naval systems integration and support for interoperability between allied countries.


When it comes to situational awareness, you need a way to gather the most critical information to make decisions. That’s where our TPS-77 radar can help. Our storied expertise in radars and sensors spans more than sixty years and 30 nations across the world. Every one of our customers is unique, and we’re committed to partnering with you to meet the needs you have for any radar or surveillance mission.



An unstoppable force in any environment, the powerful M28 twin turboprop airplane can operate from the world’s most inaccessible airstrips, grass or gravel runways.

  • Take off and land on rough airstrips just 548 meters long with a maximum payload of 2,300 kg (or 19 passengers).
  • Use the large cabin and rear clamshell door for easy and fast loading/unloading and dropping of cargo or paratroopers.

More than 100 M28 aircraft currently operate worldwide in both commercial and military configurations. See M28 to the Ecuadorian Army to learn more. 

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