Full Spectrum Leadership

Full Spectrum Leadership is the cornerstone of leadership at Lockheed Martin.

Corporate culture change takes place in two ways: It grows from the bottom up, as shifting social and economic realities weave their way into the fabric of an organization. And it flows from the top down, as leaders recognize the inevitable changes taking place in the world and shape them to serve the best interests of the organization and everybody who is part of it.

Full Spectrum Leadership is Lockheed Martin’s model for promoting and accelerating the latter type of change - the type that allows the company to create its own destiny and ensure that it will continue to thrive in the face of new competitive challenges.

The characteristics of Full Spectrum Leadership are embodied in the five imperatives:

  • Deliver Results
  • Shape the Future
  • Build Effective Relationships
  • Energize the Team
  • Model Personal excellence, Integrity and Accountability

Since Full Spectrum Leadership was introduced in January 2006, it has provided a consistent foundation for selecting, developing and assessing the performance of leaders at all levels. Full Spectrum Leadership has become embedded in the Lockheed Martin culture, and it has changed how leaders perceive their roles in the company.

Leadership Imperatives at Lockheed Martin

A leader at Lockheed Martin must be able to:

  • Deliver Results - Leaders are ultimately responsible for delivering results, and that means consistently meeting expectations and delivering value to our customers and stakeholders.
  • Shape the Future - Leaders must be forward-thinkers who are able to envision a future state, set the direction, and then passionately articulate the steps and changes necessary to make it happen.
  • Build Effective Relationships - Leaders need to be able to establish and maintain strong, enduring and effective relationships within Lockheed Martin and with our customers, employees, teammates and community.
  • Energize the Team - Leaders must create a positive, engaging work environment where people can develop and excel, and foster a diverse and inclusive culture that builds trust and aligns with Lockheed Martin values.
  • Model Personal Excellence, Integrity and Accountability - Leaders at all levels are role models for employees, whether they intend to be or not. They must demonstrate a commitment to personal excellence and set a high standard for ethical behavior and integrity.