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Distributed Teaming

Disruptive Distributed Teaming

With an increasingly complex global threat environment, our customers are looking for us to quickly introduce disruptive approaches that counter adversarial threats. We’re exploring ways a piloted aircraft can partner with a team of autonomous systems to offer greater mission flexibility at a low cost: Distributed Teaming.

Distributed Teaming allows U.S. and allied forces to:

  • Increase piloted platform survivability
  • Extend the reach of networked sensors 
  • Inform decision making to enable more effective tactical execution 

The F-35 Advantage

Partnering survivable F-35s with survivable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) ensures mission success by improving data-to-decision timelines, extending the effective range of the distributed team and keeping pilots out of harm’s way. Learn more.

Operationalizing 21st Century Security

We’re integrating networked all-domain capabilities by leveraging multi-level secure open architectures to provide data for decision dominance, increasing mission effectiveness while managing pilot workload.

Committed to the Vision

We are investing over $100M in direct support of components and enablers of F-35 interoperability with autonomous systems across domains. We are committed to affordably fielding critical capability to remain ahead of ready.

Media Contact

Ananda Costa