Advanced Technologies and All-Domain Deterrence for 21st Century Security

All-domain deterrence now and for the future needs of those who serve.

Fast-moving threats require agile deterrence with compatible platforms. 21st Century Security® isn’t just an updated system, but a new standard of architecture and open-system integration. Our allied partners require deterrence platforms that are interoperable and networked into an ecosystem designed for a new standard of connected protection.

Connected systems save seconds when seconds matter most.

In an uncertain and volatile world, a strong defense industry requires anti-fragility – investing ahead of need to ensure production of critical security systems can withstand disruptions and thrive in the face of adversity.  

21st Century Security Vision:

We aim to build a more advanced, resilient and collaborative defense industry - working with our industry and commercial partners to deliver more cutting-edge capabilities faster and more affordably to our customers. 

Centering on three lines of effort:

  1. Building a more advanced defense industry by aggressively adopting and inserting 21st century digital technologies into the defense enterprise with a standards-based, open architecture approach.

  2. Increasing industry resilience by applying anti-fragility measures to ensure operations withstand shocks and disruptions on a large scale and at a faster speed.

  3. Fostering a more collaborative ecosystem that harnesses the advanced infrastructure of the United States and our allies by establishing key production and maintenance facilities in trusted nations.

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Latest 21st Century Security® News

Lockheed Martin at the SCSP AI Expo: Advancing Technology for National Competitiveness
Jun 13, 2024
Lockheed Martin’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Steven Walker joined other industry and national security leaders for the Special Competitive Studies Project’s (SCSP) second annual Ash Carter Exchange on Innovation and National Security and inaugural AI Expo for National Competitiveness.
U.S. Army Awards Lockheed Martin $756 Million Hypersonic Weapon System Contract
May 17, 2024
Press Release
The U.S. Army awarded Lockheed Martin a contract to deliver additional capability for the nation’s Long Range Hypersonic Weapon.
CEO Perspective: Steps Needed for a More Innovative and Collaborative Defense Industry
Feb 16, 2024
Jim Taiclet discusses the steps needed for a more innovative and collaborative defense industry.
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