We are committed to improving readiness with reduced operating and sustainment costs. 

The Launch Salute

A silent conversation, call and response, and sign of respect: this is a salute.

The launch salute highlights the unspoken bond between ground crew and aircrew.

One common motion that echoes trust, camaraderie and dedication to national security.

This salute is where sustainment is personified. Where our work on the flight line comes to fruition.


Customer Care Means Worldwide Support

Customer Care and Operations Centers across Lockheed Martin are the heartbeat of fleet success. Customer representatives fuel our partnerships; delivering a worldwide network of service, usage monitoring and safety. 


Customer Care

Sustain to Remain: It Starts with Maintainers

Maintainers on the flight line and front line are the key link to mission success. And our nose-to-tail aircraft modification, maintenance, and repair services for both military and civil aircraft are the foundation of mission readiness.

Lockheed Martin aviation technicians, engineers and program managers deliver affordable sustainment services to thousands of aircraft each year, keeping the fleet flying at a moment’s notice. 


Delivering Readiness: Training and Logistics

We are advancing technology to increase training and sustainment effectiveness. The future of readiness is driven by augmented, virtual and mixed reality, distributed mission training, artificial intelligence and digital twins.

Training is not one size fits all. We develop customized tools and systems for your unique needs.

We start with your end goal in mind. We accelerate the pace of learning by connecting learning science and business models with advanced technology.



Ready How? Ready Now.

In this series, we go behind the scenes to show what it takes to make a mission successful.

Explore how we're helping U.S. military services and allies around the world with their mission readiness needs.


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