Over the years, Lockheed Martin has forged a dynamic relationship with government and industry in Singapore, serving both defense and civilian customers.

Most recently, Singapore is participating in funded studies of the F-35 Lightning II program.

Other major programs include:


Beginning in 1976, the Singapore Air Force acquired two C-130B’s from the USAF. Today they have four KC-130Bs, five C-130Hs and one KC-130H.

Basic Wings Course

Lockheed Martin joined Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. to provide this course and PC-21 aircraft, maintenance, simulators and ground instruction for introductory pilot-candidates. 

Driver Training Simulation System

This system helps Singapore Armed Forces drivers enhance their driving skills, reducing practice lessons on the road by 30 percent.


For more than 20 years, Singapore has been an F-16 customer, receiving both production Block 52 F-16C/D and F-16C/D.

Vessel Height Management

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and Lockheed Martin are partners in a vital vessel height management system in the Johor Straits.