C-130J Super Hercules

C-130J Super Hercules

One Aircraft, Many Capabilities

Proven. Ready. Unmatched.

480+ delivered. 22 operators in 26 nations. 2 million flight hours … and counting. 17 different mission capabilities. 11 production variants.

Many accomplishments, many capabilities … only one C-130J Super Hercules.

From the highest landing strip in the world to austere runways almost destroyed by natural disasters, the C-130J goes where other airlifters can’t, won’t or don’t go.

The C-130J isn’t a concept or in test phase. It isn’t a show horse. It’s a workhorse that’s in operation around the world, flying in every environment and mission scenario required every day and everywhere.

Proven. Ready. Unmatched.

This is the C-130J Super Hercules.  

Hercules Support

With C-130 and L-100s operated out of 69 nations, there is a need for around-the-clock, real-time worldwide fleet support options. Lockheed Martin proudly provides these resources.


Larry Gallogly

Director of Air Mobility Business Development, Domestic
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Rich Johnston

Director of Air Mobility Business Development, International
Office: (770) 494-7835
Cell: (404) 218-1525

Media Contact:

Stephanie Stinn

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Lockheed Martin Aeronautics presents milestone pins and certificates for C-130 pilots
and crew members who log 1,000; 2,000; 5,000; and 10,000 hours on a C-130
(legacy, C-130Js and L-100s).

To request pins/certificates, fill out the form below and email it to: Kelly
Shiple (kelly.a.shiple@lmco.com)

Questions? Call +1 (770) 494-9189